Jun 3, 2014


by Briana Pacheco

Book: Enough Trilogy #1

Publisher: Amazon
Pub Date: April 22 2014
Genre: New Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Emily Vasquez can say that her life was, and still is, far from perfect. She never wanted the attention, the pity or the heartbreak so she kept the secrets inside where no one will ever find them. Where she can lock them away and forget.

Emily's life turns upside down just when it started to become bearable and the only upside is the one guy to catch her interest since the summer--Alex Payne. Fate brought them together and Emily is not passing it up. Even after something truly heartbreaking happens and she is left broken and alone, feeling worthless and scared.

Love, family, friendship, secrets and loyalty are all put to the test in the first book of the Enough Trilogy. With a best friend who is hiding something major and people not seeming who they are, Emily must decide what to do next. Just how far is a girl willing to go when people she loves starts to get hurt? And how much can she take before breaking completely and not feeling like she's enough?

WARNING: Due to heavy subject matter and mature content, this book is recommended for ages 17+

My Review: This book was something! Emily is a lot stronger than I thought and she is one great character to read about. Emily never had her life the way she wanted it. Things happen and her life gets hard, so she hides things away and hopes life will come around. Just when. she thought it was good, things changed a bit. Though at least she has this boy Alex and she is going to do what she can to keep him around.

I loved everything in this book and some scenes are for older readers. it still wasnt as bad as i thought and it only added to the book.

Emily goes through a lot and there are points where she may break and just cant do it anymore, but she stronger than she thinks and handles more that she thought she could. Her moments like that madethe book all that better and keep on reading to know more. Also the ending was such a cliff hanger that it makes you die for the next book!

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