Jun 28, 2014


by Jason Sandberg

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Jason Sandberg
Pub Date: June 21 2014
Genre: Kids
Format: eBook
Source: Author Book LinksGoodreads  Amazon

Meet Mister Fumbulgrumbul. You'll see him when he fumbles, you'll hear him when he grumbles. When a poodle comes after his cookies, you know that hilarity will ensue. This richly illustrated rhyming picture book will be enjoyed over and over, by parent and child alike! 
"This book is anchored by the rhyming comedic tale of a man attempting to keep some cookies away from a poodle. The supplementary challenge I set for myself was to work subplots into a Picture Book without making the narrative confusing for a Preschool audience. I did this by parading whimsical and fantastic supporting characters through the backgrounds of the pages. These charming sight gags should add a secondary level of enjoyment to the reading experience." - Jason Sandberg

My Review:  Another book by Jason! I like these book and just how fun they are. It's a fun read for me and I know my girls enjoy me reading these to them! 

Fumbulgrumbul is fun and full of rhyms that remind us all of the books we read as kids and can still be enjoyed.  So Fumbul loves his cookies, but a cute poodle loves cookies too. Does he share?  Does the poodle sneak some cookies away? Only one way to know, but no matter what this book won't disappoint! 

5 Stars for another fun book by Jason!
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