Jun 29, 2014


by Erik Therme

Book: Stand Alone

Publisher: Flux
Pub Date: Feb 6 2014
Genre: Mystery
Format: Paperback
Source: Author
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Mortom: population 986.

On the outskirts of town, 33-year-old Craig Moore is found drowned in the lake. A loner and town eccentric, few attend the funeral.

One week later Andy Crowl arrives in Mortom, still stunned by his cousin’s death and equally confused why everything was left to him. The two hadn’t spoken in years and shared little outside of fierce childhood competition.

But Craig hardly did him a favor. The estate amounts to little more than a drained bank account and a property overridden with junk. When Andy finds a dead rat under the refrigerator with a key in its mouth, he thinks it’s some sort of sick joke. Then he finds the letter left by Craig, written two days before his death ... detailing the rules of “the game."

My Review: A new mystery that I loved! I am picky about my mystery books and this one was surprising. I ended up liking the story more than I thought. So Andy comes to the house and its rat infested and it has seen better time. His sister Kate also comes along with him and they have no idea why Andy gets this house. Well Craig decided it would be fun to leave clues and they play detectives. 

So a dead Craig, nasty house, and now a letter with clues. Well I bet they didnt expect things to go like this, but of course they are going to figure out these clues. Great twists and surprises that kept you going.  This story was fun and went in a direction that I wasn't expecting but somehow just added on to the enjoyment of the story. I mean, its not a happy story, but still enjoyable. Question after question is asked and answered through the book and I'm glad things were answered and not just put aside and then never get back to it again. Things are learned about Craigs life and their own, which I enjoyed learning things about them more. Always good to know a character more and watch them get grow through  a book. The only thing I never liked was the whole dead rat with a key and a letter. Why did it have to be a rat, nasty things they are, even if they do make sense in a mystery story. 


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