Jun 16, 2014

Pulled Back Again

Pulled Back Again
by Danielle Bannister

Book: Twin Flames #3
Publisher: Danielle Bannister
Pub Date: Sept 13 2013
GenreRomance, Soul-mate, New Adult
Format: Paperback 
Source: Author
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What if the love of your life was taken from you?
What would you be willing to risk to get her back?

Jada and Tobias thought moving away from their former predatorial friend, Hawk, would keep them safe.

They were wrong.

Join Twin Flames, Tobais and Jada, as they fight to keep their love burning bright.

Get Pulled Back Again into a love story that has no end

My Review: EEEEEEEP! I love love this book and seriously can't believe this series is over!!! Danielle needs to come up with another book or at least make on about Jenelle. 

Jada and Tobias are amazing and can finally have happy lives. Jada's history is now in the past, and Tobias has never felt healthier. Together they live with their daughter Jenelle and Tobias's mother. Things have been good and I can't help but be happy because of how happy the couple are. 

They just celebrate their daughter's first birthday and the birthday girl has decided to nap. Tobias goes into the kitchen and then comes out with this look to him and Jada can sense something has gone wrong. Shortly after telling Jada what happened, things start to get into gear. Jada makes a visit to the jail, which goes horribly wrong. Which then leads to her and her family packing up and moving away.

Now years have past and things were fine for a while and then suddenly it gets tense again. Tobias's mother moved with them and retired so she can spend all her time with her grandkid. As you should know from book two, Tobias shouldnt have lived this long, let alone have a kid, so his mother is very happy right now. Shortly she passes and you learn more about that in the book. Things are also tense because Hawk has been out of jail for a bit and nothing has been heard of him. Maybe he gave up, or he just can't figure out where they are. I bet you can guess what happens. 

I love how Jada and Tobias are so in love and they are raising their kid so well. Each day Jada goes to work and Tobias stays home and takes care of Jenelle. Tobias plans to work once the doctors clear him, since they could use money. I love Jada's job. She works with books and scanning them to basically become ebooks. I'm not happy about what's going with the print books, but luckily its just a story. 

So as you have probably thought, things have not stayed easy or calm for long. Hawk figure out where they are and must hurry because they have been warned. Only issue id that Jada gets the message late and they must scramble to get out. That doesn't happen. Hawk finds her and the kid and things are speeding up and getting very addicting at this moment. Hawk takes Jada, and now Tobias must figure out where she is and save her, while keeping Jenelle safe. 

The ending was absolutely perfection. I'm so glad it had such an amazing ending and Tobias and Jada have a lovely life together with Jenelle and maybe even a new addition (:  I loved how there was a few pages about Jenelle when she is older and it was really good and I wish there would be a book about it! Also you will learn there is something even more special about Jenelle. You can probably guess what it is as you read the book, but it all gets revealed in detail near the end. 

I love love love this book and the whole series!