Jun 16, 2014

Soren 10s List

 Tens list – My 10 favourite teen movies

If there's one thing I enjoy more than reading teen/YA literature, it's watching teen movies. From films that deal with supernatural or futuristic themes to those that explore the often-cruel realities of teenhood (bullying, unrequited love, parental issues), teen movies are a goldmine of inspiration, acceptance and understanding.
            My 10 favourite teen movies are a snapshot of my never-ending appetite for this genre. Some of them remind me of awesome hangtimes with family and friends, some have been chosen for their electrifying plots or witty screenplays. Some have wicked soundtracks, while others encapsulate the spirit of teendom perfectly.

The Craft
The first time I saw The Craft, I fell in quickly with Sarah, Rochelle, Bonnie and Nancy. Most people at their school considered them freaks – “the bitches of Eastwick” – but, despite their issues, I thought the girls were cool... Until three of them became the very thing they set out to beat: bullies.

Mean Girls
Bitchy, witty and utterly quotable, Mean Girls makes me cry with laughter each time I watch it. The Plastics are a brilliant example of acidic school cliques, and boy do they get their just desserts. Tina Fey wrote the screenplay and it's sheer perfection. “I want my pink shirt back!”

The Lost Boys
One of the best teen horror films ever, in my humble opinion, and with a totally rockin' soundtrack to boot (Roger Daltrey and INXS).  Based around two brothers who have a run-in with a bunch of badass teen vampires, The Lost Boys is laugh out loud funny one minute, creepy and gothic the next.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
A John Hughes coming of age classic that sings to my inner slacker. I only skipped school once but sadly it was nothing like Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Light hearted, adventurous and with a great cast of supporting characters (school Dean Edward Rooney is a beast!), this film was the rulebook for how to skip class.

Back To The Future
A must watch for music lovers as well as fans of sci-fi, this Robert Zemeckis masterpiece has one of my favourite movie scenes: when Marty McFly plugs his guitar into a giant amplifier and gets blasted across the room. Tons of fun and with a zipping plot, BTTF is imaginative, captivating and a bona fide classic.

Relatively new compared to the other films on this list, Submarine was adapted from Joe Dunthorne's novel. Beautifully shot and with exquisite attention to detail, Submarine follows 15 year old Oliver as he grapples with his father's depression, his suspicions that his mother is having an affair, and a growing infatuation with schoolmate Jordana. Sad, inspirational, romantic, dark and questioning.

When it comes to meanness and downright inner ugliness, the Heathers would give The Plastics a run for their lip gloss and short skirts. But a surprising twist in this torrid teen tale was how the rebellious Jason Dean (played by Christian Slater) actually turned out to be a murderous psychopath. Just plain scary.

Napoleon Dynamite
This film is the definition of teen awkwardness. The first time I watched it, I had my fingers splayed across my eyes for most of the scenes – talk about cringeworthy! Napoleon was such a well-written character – socially inept, impressionable, narky, creative. I loved it when he met Pedro and Deb, and when he busted out that dance routine to help Pedro become class president.

Teen Wolf
Michael J Fox nailed playing a teen, none more so than in this paranormal comedy. I love Teen Wolf so much I referenced it during a pivotal scene in my book, Soren. What tickled me most was how accepting Scott (Michael J Fox)'s friends were when they discovered his wolf status – he just played some awesome basketball and that was that. Easy!

Weird Science
Apparently there's a remake of Weird Science in the works, but will it come close to the comedy genius captured with the original film? I adore every character in Weird Science, from the geek-tastic Gary and Wyatt to the nauseatingly perfect Lisa and the bullish Chet. Memorable, quotable and addictive, Weird Science is faultless.

Author bio
Louise Nicks is a UK based debut author writing paranormal fantasy romance with a strong adventure twist.

Writing primarily for the young adult / crossover audience, Soren: The Angel & The Prize Fighter (to be released June 16, 2014) is book one in a planned series.

Louise is also a short story writer and is currently working on a collection of teen paranormal stories called The Crypt (a tie-in with Soren), which will be released this autumn.

When not writing YA fiction, Louise works (under a different name) as a freelance music journalist, features writer and online editor. Since starting her own music fanzine in her teens, she has been lucky enough to interview artists such as Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Slash, Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Newton Faulkner, Biffy Clyro and many more.

Aside from hopefully one day being able to make a living full time from books, Louise's dream is to interview her favourite band AC/DC. An ardent charity supporter, Louise has taken part in many petitions and campaigns for human rights, animal welfare, and the preservation of the natural world, and continues to do so.

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