Jun 16, 2014

Soren: The Angel and the Prize Fighter

Soren: The Angel and the Prize Fighter
by Louise Nicks

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Smashwords 
Pub Date: June 16 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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The world has never been an easy place for impoverished teen Beau Tolson, but from the moment her sick mother is given months to live, Beau’s life takes an extraordinary turn.

In order to buy the only drug that can now keep her beloved mother alive, 16 year old martial arts champion Beau resorts to illegal prize fighting at East London’s most notorious underworld lair.

But that’s only the beginning of her troubles. 

When some of her closest friends start acting weird, and a mystifying new boy turns up outside the school gates, Beau is told a life changing secret... That not only are some of her friends angels, but that she is going to become an angel too.

It isn’t long before she finds herself torn between the divine and this world; between her responsibilities and the colossal destiny that awaits.

Little do any of them know that a sect of ex-angels have also come to Earth, planning on kidnapping Beau for the very same reasons the angels want her: to fulfill a prophecy that involves this world and theirs, and who will rule it all until the end of time.

My Review:  Oh I love this story! It took angles and added in fighters for a whole new world to love! So I thought it started off slow, but it quickly picks up and won't let you out until you have read the last page. Then you walk around just waiting for another book to be written.

Beau is am amazing character throughout the entire book and I couldn't get enough of her. She is strong and one heck of a fighter. She has a good group of friends and is willing to always help them the best way she can. Of course she had some help from these angels, and it showed her its okay not to be jumping right in all the time. Though she means well, Beau had to learn a few things and it all just made her a better character. 

Besides being a great fighter Beau goes through a lot on the side. She finds out about thing drug that she really needs to get. Its not for her though, she is trying to help save her mother from dying. Her illness is taking a toll. To make matters worse, school is just as rough for her. She doesn't have the best clothes and doesn't come from money like the kids from her school do. No matter she has fighting on her side and she is one of the best around. 

I liked reading about these angels she comes in contact with. They are very original and lots of aspects I did not plan on them having, which surprised me on how well Nicks can write! You would think they are just like us and aren't angels at all.

All these things in her life and meeting angles are all pieces of a puzzle. All leading her to finding out what the world has planned for her and the power she will gain. 

I've had many surprise through the book and somehow couldn't enough of it. I was very mad with the ending though. SUCH A CLIFFHANGER!!! Like what the heck is going to happen next! I can't believe it stopped where it did! 


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