Jun 21, 2014

The Reach of the Banyan Tree

The Reach of the Banyan Tree
by Mark W Sasse

Book: Stand Alone
PublisherMark W Sasse
Pub Date: July 1 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Chip Carson intends to marry a young Vietnamese woman named Thuy until a tragic accident lands him in prison, forever altering the outlook of their relationship. As he struggles to cope with their strained love, a mysterious stranger appears, bearing a journal about Chip’s grandfather who parachuted into French Indochina at the end of World War II. As the words of the journal reveal a life that Chip never knew, he begins to understand the depth of love and sacrifice needed in order to have a second chance with Thuy. 

Part historical fiction, part contemporary love story, The Reach of the Banyan Tree explores the effects of war, love, culture, and family obligation in twentieth century Vietnam through the eyes of three generations of American men, who each lost their soul in the tangled reach of the banyan tree.

My Review: Well jail is about to put some strain on this relationship. See, Chip is supposed to marry Thuy who has all these beliefs. When Chip ends up in jail, it takes effect on what Thuy believes and well the relationship could make it or break it. 

There may be some god news....a mystery man shows up with a journal. The journal of Chips grandpa from back in World War II. Chip wondered about second chances, and this book will open Chips eyes and lead him to what he needs for his second chance with Thuy. Love, family, war, sacrifice, will be told and Chip will come to understand through his grandpa's journal. 

Chip and Thuy go to the historical site and look around. Chip finds a stone with a carving of his grandpa's name and its linked to a woman named Mai. Okay so now who is this lady, how is she connected? What else can Chip find out? The Banyan Tree is mentioned through the book and you get to learn about and the title goes very will with the cover. 

So I guess overall I liked the book. I did have my issues with some parts, but then something would happen to make me forget I hated something. So there would be something to out weigh anything bad, which made me stick with the story until the end. 
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