Jun 12, 2014

The Vitandi

The Vitandi
by Denver Batiste

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: LazyDay Publishing
Pub Date: March 31 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Nestled high atop a mountain range in his father's mansion, sexy, 'emo' vampire KELLAN DONNOLLY is living a life of carefree immortality. Born in 1003 in Ireland, to a peasant woman named Catherine, and the apostle SIMON, Kellan is bound by an ancient prophecy decreed by God, one that must be fulfilled or the entire vampire race will be destroyed. Simon, along with the other eleven apostles, were punished by Christ, forced to live as vampires by drinking Christ’s blood from the Holy Grail at the Last Supper for their roles of betrayal in his crucifixion. Now, Kellan must find a descendant of Christ, his niece in fact, and father a child with her to keep their species alive. 

In New York City, spunky NICOLE ERWIN, a country girl from Coalmont, VA., and her friend, MIA ROUNDTREE, a sassy, outspoken, Chicagoan, work part-time at Harbor Way Orphanage, and soon discover working part-time in a big city, doesn't pay the bills. When Mia sees an ad in the paper offering two hundred dollars for blood donations taken by The National Bloodmobile, she presents the idea to Nicole, who reluctantly agrees to go for the extra cash, unaware her donation will change her destiny. While at the bloodmobile, Mia gets a date, and commits Nicole into accompanying her by setting her up with her date’s friend. Born with an ugly, scar shaped birthmark on her left wrist and raised by a cold, uncaring father, Nicole has acquired a defensive nature but decides to go on the date and soon learns finding Mr. Right is a lot harder than she thought. 

After centuries of hiding for fear of detection, Kellan and the Apostles, lose track of The Daughter of Christ. In the twentieth century, the Apostles resurfaced and formed The National Blood Association, establishing blood banks all over the globe to live among humans undetected and to renew their search for The Daughter. 

My Review: 
Well I've read many vampire books and this book has a whole new take. The vampire parts I liked, the whole Christ thing I dont. I dont like anything dealing with Christ, but I took a shot with the vampire parts. Which was good and I'm glad I took a shot with the book and enjoyed it!

So these characters are written really well and you can get a good idea of how they may act as the book goes on. Mia, Nicole, and Kellan are my favorites,  but they are just a few from many characters. They are all important and have a good part in the book, so you aren't missing out on these characters for long, which is a plus with any book.

Okay so now let me get into the story. So Kellan has to keep the vampire race to live on. To do that he must find a woman and have a child with her. Not his idea, but that is what the prophecy said, and unless he wants vampires to be gone for good, he will have to do this. Kellan should work on his skills, because you can clearly see what he was trying to do. He could have been smoother, but I think that would have just made it weird. OMG! I loved it when Kellan was asked about sparkles! No he doesn't sparkle, but that was such a nice chuckle! 

Then you have Lucifer and God going at it. Lucifer wants to frail himself and gets denied. So then God comes and tells the Apostals to go ahead and guard the grail, and then goes on about the prophecy. 

One of the reasons is because at the last supper a handful of people became vampires after drinking the blood from the grail. Then they were fallen and things will never be the same. 

So like I said there is the prophecy and if Kellan doesn't complete it, then God will give them all to Lucifer and the vampires will be no more. 

This is the author's first book and I think she did a great job on it! There are twits and moments where you are into the book and forget things going on around you. I'd read something else from this author and hope she keeps up the writing!

My Rating:

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