Jul 11, 2014

Black Face, White Face

Black Face, White Face
by Mara Li

Book: Stand Alone

Publisher: Mara Li
Pub Date: Feb 16 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Nineteen-year-old Juliet has been suffering from nightmares ever since she survived a brutal attack on the Fallhallow National Bank. But she hopes to put those terrifying memories behind her on the day of the court trial. After all, with the criminal known as the Half-Face locked in chains, she will be perfectly safe… until he manages to break free, that is, and grab the nearest hostage he can get his hands on. 

What follows for Juliet is a long, exhausting journey through the harsh and unknown plains of Mongolia, forced to accompany a man who is as unreasonably violent as he is obsessively searching for his redemption.
Is the Half-Face insane and beyond hopes of rehabilitation? Or should she believe his own words, supported by the traditional shamans that this tattooed man seeks to consult, and accept that he is possessed by a dangerous spirit?

My Review: Many things can happen after an attack, and in Juliet's case, she gets nightmares. Now all she has to do is face the Half-Face guy. Which will end up bringing some twists and turns. Like whats the deal with this evil that Half -Face was going on about. Real or fake? 

Already I wasn't going to like that character. Half-Face guy was already giving me reasons not to like him, and doubt I'm gonna change my mind, unless something major happens to change that. This spirit made him do things and well what he got in return was his own fault and deserved it.

Then I had Juliet, who I did end up liking. She is smart and knows how to act.  She doesnt go crazy to push her luck, like a lot of girls would try now a days, which is a decent change for me to read about. 

The pace of the book was perfect for this story and the characters were written very nicely. There were times where I would have liked more details, but then again this book had more good than bad, so I still loved reading this book.  I would def read more books by this author!

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