Jul 5, 2014


by Kacey Chumley

Books: Stand Alone
Publisher: Second Noel Publishing
Pub Date: May 24 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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There is something in Kristin and Kale’s house. 

Ever since their mother passed away and their father started drinking, beginning the eighth grade hasn’t been an easy task for either of them. But Kristin knows that things are going to get more complicated when the house that they’ve moved into has a cryptic history and an even stranger effect on their family. Now, when hallucinations, unexplainable flocks of crows, scary dreams, and an uncertain future are all happening at once, she has to learn to trust the ones worth trusting and stand her ground when no one else is standing behind her. 

My Review: The girls are having a hard enough time with the loss of their mom and having to deal with their dad drinking, but now things are going to get a little harder. Now they are starting a new school year and getting a new house. 

This house comes with some crazy things. This history alone is a wonder as to why anyone would move in, but they do and it happened to be Kristin and Kale. A bunch of crazy things are happening and its all because of this house and since they can't just up and go, Kristin is going to have to find those worth trusting. After all what is the point of going through all these things if you can't find at least one person to tell or stand by you and not think you have lost your mind.