Jul 1, 2014

Crimson and Cream

Crimson and Cream
by C.M. Skiera

Book: Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy #1
Publisher: Smashwords
Pub Date: Aug 7 2012
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Hounded by watchmen, trolls, goblins, and a relentless bounty hunter, 13-year-old Jetsam dreams of the day he’ll no longer have to run for his life.

In the mountain city of Dwim-Halloe, Eadriel and Elvar were born twins to teachers at the city’s revered School of Magic. When the new king outlawed magic, the boys’ parents were murdered. Their deaths forfeited the twins' magical birthright and made them homeless fugitives.

Rescued by an orphan gang, the fleeing twins were nicknamed Flotsam and Jetsam. To survive as outcasts, the orphans scavenge and pilfer nightly. Their last risky foray sent them fleeing into an unfamiliar cavern. Now the boys are lost deep underground where they encounter a strange beast that will change their lives forever and begin a harrowing journey for their ultimate survival.

Crimson & Cream recounts Jetsam’s adventurous tale of flight and discovery as the fugitive orphan unravels his tortured past while securing his tenuous future.

My Review: So we have Flotsam and Jetsam, two people who were saved after their parents were killed. So just there, you already have all these questions and want to know how it will all unfold. You see, their parents could do magic because they were sorcerers. The only problem is that magic has been outlawed and they were caught and killed. 

Yeah, that was tough on the twins, but things aren't going to get any easier. Soon they will be on the chase of their lives. You just don't go into the castle to take food and expect to get away now did you? Well it could happen, but sadly they were spotted and they must now run. 

Once it reaches to that point, the book kicks into gear, and will have you turning the pages as fast as you can just to know whats gonna happen! I loved once it reached that point, because I got so sucked into the book that I learned a lot about the twins and their lives. You learn to like the world you are in and its just one of those books that you don't want to leave to world it gives you.

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