Jul 6, 2014

The Universe Builders

The Universe Builders
by Steve LeBel

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Argon Press
Pub Date: May 25 2014

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We have all heard of the fabled perfect being, the Greek God.

Well, how about a geek god? Named Bernie, yet.

Fresh with his diploma from God School, determined but unsure, bright but without confidence, Bernie faces the challenge of building his own universe. If only it were that easy...

An old school rival will do whatever it takes to ensure Bernie's failure, even if it means destroying his world.

It’s god vs. god, guile vs. goodness, where only one of them plays by the rules. Bernie must find a way to outwit his evil foe. If he fails, it will cost him everything. 

A fascinating tale of good vs. evil and a young hero on a journey of self-discovery in an original, humorous, fantastic wrapper.

My Review: Greek and Solar System. Two things I like and I thought it was a weird combo, but somehow it turned out into a good book. 

So Bernie just finished school and has gotten a job. Sounds like a good start to his life right? Well it would be, but he has this boss who isn't the easiest to please and his work is being messed with. If his boss was hard impress before, its going to be even harder with someone coming in and messing up the work he's done. 

He has to deal with his cloud and working hard to keep him and his mom from destruction. Which is easier said than done. His cloud messed him up in many ways, like almost costing him his job. Then you have Billy come into the picture and is making things even harder for Bernie. School kid and a cloud are just two of the biggest things Bernie has in his way. Yep, Bernie is such a good guy and its not exactly fair that all this is happening to him. Things go crazy and you'll want to help Bernie out and hope things go right for him and will be wishing you could change things to make it all better for him. 

I loved the Greek aspects, and the way it was blended in with the fantasy. It was all done nicely and I would read more from this author.

I give this book 4 stars

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