Aug 19, 2014

Blood Song

Blood Song
by T.A. Miles

Book: Blood Wars Trilogy #2

Publisher: Raventide Books
Pub Date: Dec 24 2013

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It has been less than a year since Korsten's return from a Morennish prison tower. The ongoing war with men as well as with demons affords no rest for the mages, and he and Merran are once again out in the field, hunting what hunts for the blood and souls of human beings. Their search takes them to the coastal city of Indhovan, where other mages are at work on political maneuvers that may officially ally the strategically vital city with the Old Kingdom. But there are several forces at work within the city, where an aging governor grows weary of war and where political and magical factions vie for the upper hand in what's to come.


My Review: I'm back with book two!  This one came with more suspense and left me on the edge of my seat. 

The war we left off with has yet to be over. Things are still going on in hope to defeat this evil, plus a new one has appeared.  Vadryn is not all thats out there anymore and the suspense just builds. This is leaving no rest for the mages and boy could they use some at some point. They are seriously focused on getting this evil, which is a good thing. I know I'd want a team like this to get rid of soul eating monsters if they were around. 

When arriving in Indhovan, things still aren't easy for the mages. They are working on an ally, but those things take time, effort, and everyone should agree on things. Nothing is every perfect and hitches come up in the road but thats how things are. Plus I like it, makes it fun to see how they overcome ways. Besides, a perfect path can lead to a boring book, but this book was far from boring! 

So from book one to know you can see the changes in Korsten and how its helped to shape him into an even better character. Korsten had a hard time in the first book and then being in a prison tower for a while, it wasn't exactly his best year, and at least he hasnt gone mad yet! Now he is out and could go have a normal life, but that won't really ever be the case for him. He is stuck in this world, and in one way or another it suits him and I couldn't see him sticking to a normal life anyway. 

There is a difference in this book. The details are getting nicer. You are learning more about this world and being able to picture things and seeing the world yourself. The plot is moving and getting more addictive to keep you coming back for more. I mean you could put it down. Or could be like me just thinking about the book at work and maybe sneak in some chapters any chance I got. 

I loved this book and hope for more to come!
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