Aug 4, 2014

Character Description and Casting for Wolf Slayer

Character Description and Casting for Wolf Slayer

Tala and Matt are the main characters in the shape-shifter series, The Tala Chronicles. They’re both from Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, and have diluted werewolf strains that threaten to destroy their love and their lives. Matt is a Violent and Tala is a Violent Maker. Tala, an artist, has a tragic past that includes child abuse from her mother, also a Violent. Matt is a detective, and his family is clueless regarding his violent behavior. Tala has a feisty black cat named Maeve, who fears no creature.

Willis Sharp, a Violent, is Tala and Matt’s archenemy. He’d resort to murder to get Tala’s pendant that would magnify his powers. Sharp’s linked to her family in a heinous web of deceit, adultery, and murder.  
Michael became a Wolf Slayer because of a horrific childhood incident. He, Tala, and Matt form an alliance. He’s convinced that Tala should become a Slayer, too.

Jeremiah is the alpha of the Oregon werewolf pack. Tala turns to the shape-shifters for assistance, but she wonders if they’ll kill her instead. Jeremiah and Michael try to cooperate with each other to help Tala and Matt. However, the werewolf and the Slayer are enemies, whose hatred for each other sometimes explodes into brutal confrontation.

Edgar Owl is an elderly Native American locksmith. He attempts to watch over Tala despite the sadness and terrible memories that assault him. His dreams, though often terrifying, sometimes give Tala insight about her hazardous situations.

The following stars would be perfect to play the characters in the movie:

Tala: Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook

Matt: Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook

Willis Sharp: Jack Nicholson in Wolf

Michael: Chris Hemsworth in Thor: The Dark World

Jeremiah: Christian Bale in Out of the Furnace

Edgar Owl: Graham Greene in The Green Mile