Aug 17, 2014

Days of Amber

Days of Amber
by Alex Chu (H. W. Vivian)

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: McNally Jackson
Pub Date: July 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: Author
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Amber & Associates is the most successful software company in the industry’s history, which is surprising since all of its employees are aloof, lazy, and downright dysfunctional. When they’re not obsessing over their next smoothie fix, or walking around the office half-naked, they’re doing everything in their power to avoid working. As they approach their long-awaited IPO date, hackers start breaching the company’s system, and messing around with Amber’s clients. Still, nobody seems to care. It’s not until the senior risk analyst leaves the company on a drunken tirade when everyone realizes the consequences of their idleness. Now, Amber’s team of frivolous and inexperienced executives is left with the greatest challenge of their careers: actually getting work done in order to save the company.

My Review: Wow! Lots of fun packed in a short book! I loved reading this book and it interested me a lot since I love technology and work in that field. 

I loved the way the characters were through the book, and found them fun and entertaining. It wasn't just talk about the people and the Tech world and be strict and boring about it. You have fun lazy characters and do get to know about whats going on without feeling bored. People take things for granted in a way and then when things start to fall apart is when they all wake up and get down to it! Hey, sometimes it takes a little nudging to get back into gear and thats okay! Everyone has a lazy point, but I was happy to see that the characters were able to take action and work to save what they love. Their job and company.

For a short read, you get a lot and I enjoyed every bit of it. It can be one of those fun books to read to get away from your usual genres, something new, fun, or anything really. I loved this book and would gladly read more by the author!