Aug 16, 2014

Goddess of Fire: Burn

Goddess of Fire: Burn 
by Shannon Eckrich

Book: An Elemental Short #1

PublisherCrushing Hearts and Black Butterfly
Pub Date: May 8 2014
Genre: Mythology, Fantasy, Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Even water burns if the fire is hot enough . . . 

Kenina, the fire goddess of Osarious, seems to have it all—a pampered life, the power to burn down a city, and a father who reigns over the other gods, but deep inside the flame, Kenina feels trapped. As her arranged marriage to Neveresis, a water god, draws nearer, she has no choice but to flee the immortal world to escape the commitment, even if it means disappearing into a world she despises.

Together with Sarah, her faithful servant, Kenina crashes into the mortal world, ending up in Nevada, where she and Sarah are taken in by Jack, a mortal who shows Kenina there is much more to life than she thinks, including love.

There’s only one problem, Neveresis refuses to let Kenina go, and he will do anything to reclaim his prized possession, even if it means destroying her and the ones she loves.

My Review: Since when have you heard fire and water go together? That right there is never the best combo, but Kenina doesn't exactly have a say. She is a fire goddess and she is arranged to be married to a god of water. She does love having her power, but does not want to go through with the whole marriage thing. You know she really doesn't want to when she is thinking about heading into a world she hates. 

So she and Sarah head into the mortal world. They don't know whats in store for them, but it would be better than marriage, specially to someone that isn't worth it to her. Kenina can learn to live here and have a nice life, but Neveresis wont have that.

He wants her to himself and doesn't care what it takes to make Kenina his. Now is that some dude that you want to marry? Crazy and controlling? I think not! 

All these things just make for a great story and I'm excited about how well this book drew me in and hop the other books are just as aamazing