Aug 16, 2014

Goddess of Fire: Ignite

Goddess of Fire: Ignite
by Shannon Eckrich

Book: An Elemental Short #3

PublisherCrushing Hearts and Black Butterfly
Pub Date: July 31 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Fire doesn’t just burn, it ignites . . .

It’s been three weeks since Kenina, the fire goddess of Osarious, was forced out of the mortal world and torn away from Jack, the man she truly loves. Locked in her room in the temple, Kenina has no choice but to wed, Neveresis, the water god she despises. But as the ceremony nears, Sarah, her best friend, comes to her rescue. Sarah uses the hidden tunnels underneath the temple to free Kenina, reuniting her with her beloved Jack. Even though Kenina has managed to flee the temple, it doesn’t mean she has escaped Neveresis.

Kenina, along with Jack and Sarah, are now on the run, desperate to locate a lost portal in the depths of the dark forest. As Neveresis closes in on them, they end up trapped in the forest between his army and mythical creatures they never knew existed. Reaching the portal is their only way out, but it may cost them their lives

My Review: Back with book three and things are just getting more amazing! I love all these stories and wished they were more than a short. 

Keinina has come from this amazing fire goddess with everything, to leaving a marriage, and finding true love with Jack. Now everything has turned for her. Jack has been taken from her and will be forced to wed Neveresis one way or another. But since she has been so amazing and strong, I know she will find a way to get what she wants and have the life she deserves with Jack.

Everything is at a really good pace and kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved once Keinia got to Jack and freed him. I knew right away things were just going to get better and they did! Being on the run for lives pretty much and they only have a short window to escape before Neveresis catches up to them. You can only imagine what would happen if he had gotten to them and had his way. But you can tell Keinia would not let that happen and manage to win in the end. 

Again this is another amazing story and I can't wait to see what else the author writes up!