Aug 16, 2014

Goddess of Fire: Smolder

Goddess of Fire: Smolder
by Shannon Eckrich 

Book: An Elemental Short #2

PublisherCrushing Hearts and Black Butterfly
Pub Date: June 7 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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When the fire doesn’t burn, it smolders . . .

Just as Kenina, the fire goddess of Osarious, is trying to adjust to the mortal world, she is hit with something she never expected—mortal emotions. As her best friend, Sarah, returns to her family, Kenina is lovingly guided through these emotions by Jack, who attempts to not only help her understand them, but also, teaches her to control them. But when, Emily, Jack’s ex-girlfriend shows up, the fire inside Kenina begins to smolder, putting Jack and Kenina’s relationship to the ultimate test.

As if dealing with Emily wasn’t bad enough, Kenina’s father shows up in the mortal world with Neveresis, and Emily becomes the least of her worries. If her father finds out about Jack, he will kill him. Now, her only priority is to save Jack’s life.

My Review: Back with book two! I am loving the love between Kenina and Jack. Its so lovely and they are willing to do anything for each other, even if it means sacrifice. He teaches Kenina a lot and is just really nice while doing so. Emotions are a big thing and you know how some girls can be good with them or just flat out crazy! But Kenina dealt with them very well and because of Jack was able to deal. Until his ex came along and Kenina better be keeping her cool or things may just get messy.

As if her would couldnt be more crazy, her dad just happens to pop up and bring Neveresis. Like that was a good idea? The dad I could see her dealing with it easier than both showing up. Lets add to the crazy shall we? Kenina must know keep Jack super safe, because he could be killed if word gets out about them. 

Well as the book goes on and the paces keeps picking up, things get even better. I love these characters and the story line and just everything about the book!

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