Aug 30, 2014

My Forever

My Forever
by Kira Adams

Book: The Infinite Love Series #1
Publisher: Createspace
Pub Date: May 2014
Genre: Romance, Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: Author
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Grief and loss can make a person act out in all the worst kinds of ways. Madalynne Johnson has always been a bit of a handful, but with the loss of her brother, separation of her parents, and her boyfriends unexpected news of joining the army she has gone into a full on tailspin. 

Parker Grant experienced loss firsthand when his brother took his own life. Darkness closed in. Madalynne saved him; showed him the light. And even though he isn’t sure what the future holds--he wants Madalynne and this time he won’t give up without a fight.

My Review:  Love is there for Madalynne and Parker. Those two have together for a while now and are about to finish school and start their lives together. Plus there is an anniversary coming up and it was perfect and romantic. 

It wasn't so peachy at first. Madalynne had actually pushed Parker away during a tough time and Parker wouldn't have that. He was there for her and able to piece her heart and show her this amazing side of him and things started to get better. They both lost a brother and have their own things to deal with, but they are both strong and I love the way they are together. 

Suddenly things weren't so peachy again. Parker has decided to go into the military and it bothers Madalynne. She thinks maybe a break would help them. Though it was a tough one. Parker kept talking to Jacqueline and hearing what you want to hear is not always the best thing. He eventually got to his senses and flew to Hawaii to grab the girl of his dreams. About time his love for Madalynne shown through with everything he got. He just wanted to have his Madalynne and I love reading about these two. 

Then in Hawaii, he meets a problem. Well......when Madalynne got to Hawaii, this guy Lee showed her around and was nice to her. Oh yeah, they slept together too. No biggie....not like she wasn't really with Parker.... Either way, that was not OKAY. I wasn't happy about that part. They didn't officially end anything or agreed on terms or anything while on this break. So I didn't like her sleeping with lee or Parker talking to that other chick. Plus, when you see a good relationship, they should work it out and not go on a break.

Anywho.....I loved this story and hope things are even better in the next book! The story was great and it had me glued at the start.


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