Aug 15, 2014

Of Sudden Origin

Of Sudden Origin
by C. Chase Harwood

Book: Children of Fiends #1
PublisherFate & Fortune Press
Pub Date: May 2014
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: Author
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"If you like The Passage, World War Z, and The Road, then this book is a great one for you" 
"An action packed thriller with a unique twist on the zombie canon" 
"Cinematic quality of writing and strong characters" 
(The first book in the Of Sudden Origin universe.) 
Perhaps once in an epoch, events force evolution to take a giant leap and a life form arises that is aberrant to that from which it sprang. This process is known to science as Of Sudden Origin. 

Call them zombies if you must; America, is at the mercy of a ruthless infection that devolves the intellect into that of a simian fiend. Horrible, yes, merciless, yes, blood thirsty, unquestionably - but it is the offspring of the infected who will change the world: The children of the Fiends are a mutant mind controlling abomination, and there is no defense against them.

My Review: This book was amazing. It started off slowly at first but it kept picking up speed and I didn’t want to put it down. The author described people, places, and things well enough that you could imagine yourself there. The characters were well thought out and even the characters that came and went in the story were well formed. The best part was the realism of the story. The main characters were not invulnerable, incredibly lucky, or had special powers of their own. They rarely found what they needed.  Sometimes they would lose their supplies and equipment. Wherever they went they had to be cautious because around every corner there could be a zombie waiting to attack them or even crazed people. Nowhere was completely safe. The entire story sounded so real that you could actually believe something like this could happen and may even be in the process of happening.

My favorite part of the book was the zombies. This book didn’t follow the usual zombie apocalypse. Instead it had a fresh new twist. The zombies in this book weren’t mindless and hunting for human brains. Instead the virus got rid of a person’s higher thought functions and left only the reptilian part of our brains that focused on. The zombies, otherwise known as fiends in the book, would try to eat just humans however they would also eat whatever else they could get their hands on. That includes animals, grass, and in some desperate cases of hunger they would eat each other. The zombies could still use tools like throwing rocks and sharp objects and they traveled in packs a majority of the time to hunt for humans. Another change was that they weren’t dead and could still reproduce amongst themselves. The offspring were not human at all and had a kind of mind control power. They were pure evil and reveled in the pain and terror of others, even of their own kind.