Aug 22, 2014


by Briana Pacheco

Book: Enough #3
Pub Date: Aug 22 2014
Genre: Romance, Angles, Death, New Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Emily didn't believe in a happily ever after until Alex walked into her life and they fell in love. They have everything they could ask for now; love, happiness, plans for their upcoming wedding...until one night changes everything.

Angels and death were never part of the plan yet they seem to follow Emily everywhere. After losing two important people in her life, her world is left spinning out of control again, nothing is as it seems and everyone is expecting something more from her.

How can someone live a life she wasn't supposed to be living in the first place and how much more hurt can one person take? How can someone become stronger when they’re always left broken? In the third and final book in the Enough trilogy, questions will be answered, hearts will be broken and Emily’s strength will be tested when she’s left fighting for everything she wants and believes in.

WARNING: Due to heavy subject matter, strong language and mature content, this book is recommended for ages 17+

My Review: I'm back with the final book! It's the final chapter of Emily's story and its just amazing! I liked Emily through the series and of all the books I've read, I think Emily goes through way more things than other characters have. It's only been three books and wow, Emily is a tough gal! 

Having all this done to her and seeing how far she can go from it, makes her and this story so worth the read. She is just a young girl and has made it through so much shit, that how she hasn't gone super insane is beyond me. Everyone expects so much from her and right now she should just deal with losing people close to her. But no, she also has other things getting in the way. She even gets put through more when it comes to one of her biggest fights. No matter what happens to her, she will fight for those around her and I loved it. She is still amazing and caring to those who deserve it, despite all the crazy in her life. 

I love the way the story ended. It was perfect and everything was answered and more. The story flowed nicely and and I wish there was more to read. I'd love to see Emily get a break and have a decent life without any crazy. These books are really good and others should go and give them a try! I hope Briana can come out with some awesome new books to be gobbled up!