Aug 4, 2014

Wolf Slayer

Wolf Slayer
by Patricia La Barbera

Book: The Tala Chronicles #3
Publisher: World Castle Publishing
Pub Date: June 20 2014
Genre: Wolves
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Matt’s life depends on Tala’s decision. Should she stay with Jeremiah and his pack or go with Michael, the Wolf Slayer? Jeremiah claims his access to other werewolves will give her a better chance of finding a way to break Matt’s curse. But Michael says werewolves are banned from the places she’s most likely to find a cure. He tries to convince her to become a Slayer so she can travel with him. Will she remain under the protection of Jeremiah’s pack, or will she conquer her fear of the unknown and set out with Michael?

My Review: Tala has a lot on her plate and doesn't exactly have all the time in the world to clean it off.  Stay with the wolf pack? Or go with the Wolf Slayer? Not the easiest choice to make and Tala knows she has some quests ahead of her to take of. Would it be better to stay protected by the pack? Wolves can't exactly go where she needs to be to get the cure. Or is being a Slayer better? Easy travel worth it? Will fear take over? 

Well as Tala gets set on her quest, we get a realistic feel as it goes on. Which I liked, you can actually get into the story even more and follow along with the character. There were some that didn't seem right, but you mix it in with the other quests and the story still flows well. Which is a good thing, cause very small things can make or break a book for some readers. 

As the book went on, I wasn't sure who she would choose. Tala has a good relationship with both guys and she really could go either way. For me, I want her to go with Michael. I just liked him better than Jeremiah. I like that Michael was different and brought her out into the world more. He is caring and a decent guy during the story. I think she had a better time than she would have being protected by the pack. 

Overall I was thinking that I might not finish because the start seemed slow pace for me, but as I kept going and getting into the story, the pace picked up and had me reading until the end. I did end up enjoying the story and I hop there is another book to come. The end left me with some questions and dying to know how things will go on. 

My Rating:

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