Sep 23, 2014

Illusive Intrusion

Illusive Intrusion
by Tomasz Chrusciel

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Agato House
Pub Date: June 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Hatred can kill you from the inside, little by little. The only cure is to find the person who caused your misery. 

Bianka is weary with her ordinary life in Dublin, and she desperately needs a vacation. When her younger sister, Niamh, receives an exciting job offer by surprise, Bianka eagerly accompanies her. Why wouldn’t she? Two weeks in a luxurious hotel on Gran Canaria is all Bianka desires. But what starts off as a fabulous and relaxing gateway turns to fear and awe when an inexplicable blackout engulfs the island—and the people. 

Among the chaos, Bianka must struggle to keep her sanity because she might lose Niamh’s trust and friendship when her little sister falls for a ladies’ man, Goyo. Niamh feels secure with him around, but Bianka is torn inside because just when she decides that maybe she could trust him, he tells her about his mysterious friend, Elizabeth. Although her name doesn’t sound familiar, the story of how Goyo met her is vivid, like a recurring delusion. It frightens Bianka even more than the awareness that a new wave of darkness might summon them again. 

Bianka’s senses scream: YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE! She will have to listen to her intuition or she will become another of Elizabeth’s unwitting puppets.

My Review: This isn't my typical read and I'm not too sure what I can say about this. The pace is easy and I liked getting to know the story and get into it before anything major really happens.  Then you start getting pulled into the story more and find that its an interesting book and it won't lose your attention. 

As it builds up, I started to get into the book and ended up enjoying this book much more than I thought. I love the characters. They are written well and interact well eachother. This is not an easy read, so be ready for when you read the book. There isnt anything held back and you get a really nice detail story. 

Sanity is tested and trust is either earned or lost for good. Bianka doesn't get the perfect trip that she was thinking of. Instead she encounters a blackout. Then her sanity starts to be tested and Niamh’s trust and friendship might be out the window. I loved how it progressed and you can see yourself in the story. 

Overall I enjoyed this story and would read more from the author.