Sep 24, 2014

Island Fog

Island Fog
by John Vanderslice

Book: Stand Alone

Publisher: Lavender Ink
Pub Date: Oct 1 2014

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Island Fog is a collection of linked short fictions by veteran storyteller John Vanderslice. The eleven stories of Island Fog are connected by both geography and theme. Every story is set on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, and together they span a period of Nantucket history from 1795 to 2005, with four different centuries represented. Some of the characters the reader meets along the way include an 18th century wigmaker accused of a notorious bank robbery, a 19th century "whaling widow" who has newly awakened to important aspects of her sexual nature, a former whale ship captain who once had to resort to cannibalism to survive an extended period at sea, a 20th century plumber whose wife jumped off the Hyannis to Nantucket ferry with her infant child in her arms, and a 21st century ghost tour leader who is being metaphorically haunted by a former lover. 

Robert Hicks (author of The Widow of the South and A Separate Country) declares that "Island Fog is for anyone who loves good stories, beautifully told, with a good slice of the twisted history of humanity thrown in." David Jauss (author of Glossolalia and Black Maps) notes that Island Fog "brilliantly parses the soul of America . . . It will open your eyes, and your heart." Finally, Garry Craig Powell (author of Stoning the Devil and Other Stories) says that "Vanderslice is a writer of vision and this is a haunting, essential collection."

My Review: Fun history and good ol stories to read here. Over 200 years of history was all brought together nicely. A good book of you live in Nantucket and wanted to know of some stories that happened there.

I enjoyed reading these stories and the history part of each story was done well. Writing about a certain time is great, and it's even better that John wrote them perfectly. The other half of the book has more of a real feeling to them and its just wonderful.

I would read more form this Author. 4 stars!