Sep 3, 2014

The Glory

The Glory
by Mister JMI

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Mister JMI
Pub Date: July 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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The first in a new series, The Glory is a fun, funny and exciting character-driven sci-fi adventure that follows Adam Whitlock, a young, brilliant, fiercely determined boy who gives up everything to join the United States Space Force in hopes of becoming captain of the fabled and prestigious warship, The Glory. 

On his rise to the top, Whitlock gains a great friend and ally in Nathaniel Oaks, as well as a bitter rival in Omar Baptist. Despite his extraordinary talent and dedication, Adam Whitlock’s path is riddled with opposition from naysayers and nonbelievers. 

Meanwhile, Admiral Douglas C. Calhoun is tasked with quelling the rising tensions between mankind and the Kelzmisians, a group of alien races, as their long-standing Cold War is about to turn hot. 

Stargaze. Trail Blaze. THE GLORY

My Review: I'm always up for something new and The Glory brought it! I'm used to my sci-fi having more romance but the book was written well enough that I still enjoyed this book a lot. 

Adam is a pretty stand up guy and wants nothing more that to be the captain of The Glory. Supposed to be this great warship and Adam is going to work at it until it all comes true. He is strong willed and a very well built character and I loved reading about him .  

Despite there being those who don't believe this, it doesn't stop anything. Believing enough can prove wonders. You can get to your dreams and anything else. This book comes with a good message and a strong story that I loved. Nothing crazy or over the top, like I've seen in many books nowadays and thats was a good change.