Oct 1, 2014

Calla Lily

Calla Lily
by Vivian Winslow

Book: Gilded Flower #2
Publisher: Self
Pub Date: June 2014
Genre: Audlt
Format: eBook
Source: Author Book LinksGoodreads   Amazon

Having experienced a profound personal and sexual awakening during her solo honeymoon to Brazil, New York socialite Lily Baron rushes back to New York upon hearing the news that her father has fallen ill. Now, Lily must take the helm of the Baron Media empire and fend off a high-stakes hostile takeover attempt. With the fate of the company hanging in the balance, will Lily be able to resist the advances of the luring, unwanted suitor in the boardroom as well as the bedroom? Things get steamy in this highly anticipated sequel to Gilded Lily.

My Review: Shift change! We now leave the lovely Rio and read about Lily going home to take care of her dad. Big change for Lily, but she is strong and can do anything. Even if it means taking over the company and staying strong for everyone.  Which is not easy for her right now, and she is still getting used to this new version of herself. 

Then came the time for Lily and her sister to talk. I know what she did was really wrong in the first book, but hear her out before you decide if you still don't like her. She and Lily talked, though I don't dislike her as much, she still isn't going to be my favorite anytime soon. 

So after some time, they family discuss what will happen with the company. Apparently the parents had more strength and views that was told. Then you have lots of HOT LOVE. 

Todd, Alejandro, and Gustavo.  Lily is having no trouble finding love now, but which one will it be? Lily isn't one of those girls to just screw every single guy she thinks is hot. She does eventually want to end up happy with one, but who shall it be? Can it be Gustavo? Did she really just run into him? Or did he plan this run in? He seems to really love and care for her and can't seem to live life without her. 

Although.........in this book, Gustavo is more like a crazy stalker. She is getting to know Alejandro and is enjoying his company, but no matter what, Lily always notices that Gustavo is there. Uh, I'm like Alejandro much more than Gustavo. Is his love real and will it be enough to win Lily for good? Or can we  just say stalker and have him taken care of?