Oct 20, 2014

On the Run

On the Run
by I Lanaa Twine

BookThe Moriya Chronicles #1

Pub Date: Aug 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author 
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Isn’t it amazing how in a mere split second, the very essence of who you are can change forever? That in just an instant your entire life can be ripped to shreds? 

One night, three years ago, my mother was torn from us. Gone, without a trace. And just like that, nothing was ever the same.

Thrust into a world of darkness and danger, my father and I were forced to flee a past that haunted us and the beasts that hunted us.

As the black walls of despair closed all around me, I felt eternally lost... 

Until I found him. And he helped me find myself. 

Derrick Harris was a beacon of the purest light, guiding me straight into the warmth of his heart.

But sometimes the past has a way of finding you. Lies have a way of catching up to you. And secrets never seem to stay secret for very long.

Now all that I hold dear is at stake, and I must fight to survive, or my entire world will crumble before my eyes. 

I am on the run…

My Review: OMG LOVE! This is going on my favorite reads of the year list! 

First off the blurb grabbed me, then the cover grabbed me, so yea I wanted to read this one.

These characters are written well and you can relate to them and it gives you even more reason to like the story. I also like how the past was brought back into the present, it was blended well and it wasn't all just thrown in at once. 

So Jade's mother just went poof on her family. Now its been a few years later and Jade and her dad are about run from the past. The thing is, you can never really run from the past. One way or another it will find you and haunt you. Either keep running or face it head on.

Suddenly Derrick shows up and they are going to hunt down on the lead they have. Hopefully this will lead to finding her mom and just what happened. By this point the twist and turns will be popping up and the pace picks up speed and you will fly through this book in no time! 

I enjoyed Jade, she acted just like the typical teen and grows up through the story that shows she really is a great character and you will enjoy her through the next books. Derrick wasn't my favorite at first, but then he slowly grew on me. 

Overall I really liked this book and this is the start to a great series. 

My Rating:

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