Oct 14, 2014


Sanguinary, by Margo Bond Collins

A Night Shift Novel

October 8, 2014


fifty years left before vampires rule the world.

Dallas police detective Cami Davis joined the city's vampire unit, she planned
to use the job as a stepping-stone to a better position in the department.

she didn't know then what she knows now: there's a silent war raging between
humans and vampires, and the vampires are winning.

with the help of a disaffected vampire and an ex-cop addict, Cami is going
undercover, determined to solve a series of recent murders, discover a way to
overthrow the local Sanguinary government, and, in the process, help win the
war for the human race.

can she maintain her own humanity in the process? Or will Cami find herself,
along with the rest of the world, pulled under a darkness she cannot oppose?



"Hey, Bradley." I beckoned
the crime-scene tech, who had finally arrived and was snapping on gloves.
"Is that a piece of paper under the vic's head?"

He bent down over my shoulder to get
a clearer view from my line of sight. "Looks like it's tangled in her
hair," he said. He pulled a pair of long tweezers out of his kit and
snagged the sliver. "Yep. Looks like it has a word written on it . .
." We both peered at the brownish, spidery writing.

"Sanguinary," I said.
"Is that written in blood?"

"Maybe. I'll get the lab to run
a basic analysis on it. If it's blood, we'll be able to let you know pretty
quick if it's human and if so, what type. DNA will take longer."

"Sounds good." I stared at
the woman a little longer. Her dark hair—almost
the same color as mine
—spilled out around her, matted with dark,
coagulating blood. The two bloody marks on her neck shone like black stars on a
white background.


I knew that if I lifted her dress,
there would be other puncture wounds all over the body, and strange symbols
carved across her skin—pentagrams within circles and other ritualistic signs.
Exactly like the others. Ten murders in the four weeks since the beginning of
September—all centered in downtown Dallas, and many with affluent victims whose
families demanded action.

The department had been in a barely
suppressed uproar.

I stood up, my knees popping a
little. Five years ago, they wouldn't have done that.

And five years before that? Vampires
hadn't existed, except in books and B-movies.

It took time for the world to
believe. We hadn't even realized how to fight back when they'd first shown up.

This victim's ragged, bloody
fingernails suggested that she had tried to resist, but obviously failed.

The red dress she wore would have
originally matched the color of the relatively scant splashes of blood
surrounding her, but those stains had dried to a muddy brown, the same color as
the writing on the paper caught in her hair.

Her clothing suggested that she'd
been at the opera that evening, though the manager, roused from her bed, swore
that the building had been cleared and empty when she left.

One black, high-heel shoe lay
several feet away, toppled over onto its side, the heel broken, as if she had
stumbled out of it when it failed her as she ran from a pursuer.


I'd heard the word before from
vampires I had taken down—whispered as a threat, shouted as a warning: the Sanguinary is coming, the Sanguinary
will kill you all

The Sanguinary is here.

It was why I was about to go
undercover among the vampires.


About the Author

Margo Bond Collins is the author of urban fantasy, contemporary
romance, and paranormal mysteries. She has published a number of novels,
including Sanguinary, Taming the Country Star, Legally Undead,
Waking Up Dead
, and Fairy, Texas.
She lives in Texas with her husband, their daughter, and several spoiled pets.
Although writing fiction is her first love, she also teaches college-level
English courses online. She enjoys reading romance and paranormal fiction of
any genre and
most of her free time daydreaming about heroes, monsters, cowboys, and
villains, and the strong women who love them—and sometimes fight them.


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https://twitter.com/MargoBondCollin  @MargoBondCollin

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