Oct 30, 2014

Stealing Destiny

Stealing Destiny
by J.D. Selmser

Book: Immortal Obsession #1
Publisher: J.D. Selmser
Pub Date: Oct 2014
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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It took one kiss for Destiny to steal his heart and Damien lived his life for another one from the woman he loved. If he only knew that that one kiss would lead to his death and eternal damnation, would he still have kissed her? In one mere second of time, Damien loses his life because of a supernatural twist. On a stormy night in the back roads of nowhere his car careens out of control and into a field claiming his life. Suddenly, everything he ever thought about heaven, hell and angels takes on a whole new meaning as he struggles to get his life back. Falling from heaven, Zahir makes the ultimate sacrifice but who is to benefit from it? When Zahir stole Damien’s future, his destiny and his body, he decides it’s time to steal it back. But then he is offered a choice between the life he was destined to live and the one Death offers him, putting him at a crossroad. Damien wants to make the best choice he can so that he can carry out his plans to marry Destiny. However, what Damien fails to recognize is that getting his life back is going to take him into a whole new dimension of what the afterlife means. In every lovers triangle there has to be someone who loses. No romance ever truly sees the happily ever after. One fell from heaven, someone is headed for hell and Destiny is the prize. When your heart and soul hang in the balance, is there ever really any second chances?

My Review: Damien had an accident and didn't make it. He has a shot at getting his life back, but its far off from an easy road. What he ever thought or was told about angles and death, has a new meaning now that he is experiencing this. He could just deal with things however he wants, make the right choice, or pick a road that death gives him. Seems simple enough right?

This is a nasty love triangle. Usually two end up together and the other moves on in life. In this case one will will really end up in hell and the other two will have an afterlife together. So this is the only shot and there were plenty of twists that just grabbed your attention even more. I routed for Damien to get his life on track and get destiny. There were some twists I didn't see and just grabbed my attention and I just loved seeing everything unfold and turn into a great story. I can't wait to read more!