Oct 24, 2014

The Morrow Secrets

The Morrow Secrets
by Susan McNally

Book: The Morrow Secrets #1

PublisherSweet Cherry Publishing
Pub DateSeptember 26th 2013
Genre: Childrens, Mystery, Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher
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‘The Morrow Secrets’ is a fantasy adventure story written for readers who love delving into the world of mystery, suspense, imagination and make-believe. It is the first book in a series about Tallitha Mouldson, a headstrong girl caught up in the sinister web of her eccentric family, the powerful Morrow dynasty. This fantasy saga is set in an alternative world and begins in a strange, rambling house called Winderling Spires in the land of Wycham Elva. The Morrow Secrets is an epic tale of dark forces, with a beguiling mystery to be solved, an exciting yarn of deception with frightening twists and wicked turns. The story has weird, whimsical characters, some motivated by wicked intent. They lurk round corners... watching Tallitha and luring her further into the dreadful secret....

It is a story of the heroine’s fight against the evil forces that have shaped the past and still surround her present. Tallitha is determined to unearth the family secret and so begins her breath-taking adventure, exploring the forbidden floors of the bizarre old house and discovering a number of intriguing clues which lead her ever further into the heart of the mystery. During her quest, Tallitha discovers she has inherited strange paranormal powers, passed down the female line of the Morrow clan. With the help of her eccentric cousin Esmerelda, Tallitha escapes the clutches of her suffocating family and makes her way across the dangerous terrain of Wycham Elva into the wilderness and the dark world of Breedoor. Accompanied by her brother and cousins she learns more about the mysterious past of the Morrow family, she forges new allegiances, endures terrifying challenges and encounters the strange creatures of the underground kingdom. Eventually she reaches the haunting castle of Hellstone Tors and the awesome truth about her family is laid bare..

My Review: Get thrown right into this dark and mysterious world full of twists! I was surprised how quickly it jumps into that world, but it just worked for this story. The pace was great for a gothic book and really went into great detail without over doing it. You could get a really good image and the images within the book only enhanced the thoughts you already had. 

You go on a journey with Tallitha, and she finds that she is the heir to it all at Morrow. Well she isnt really evil, but she is mean, and has no real structure in life, so yeah....least she is not crazy evil right? She is still a likable character  Well this place just can't go to anyone, so she goes to find someone to be the heir. This leads her onto a journey she didn't plan on.

Now I don't read many gothic books or children books. Though after this one, I may start to look into more gothic style books. This was a fun and quick read that anyone could enjoy. I can't wait to start the next book!

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