Oct 24, 2014

The Shadow of the Swarm

The Shadow of the Swarm
by Susan McNally

Book: The Morrow Secrets #2
PublisherSweet Cherry Publishing
Pub DateMarch 27th 2014
Genre:  Kids, Magic, Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher
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The Second Book in The Morrow Secrets Trilogy

What will Tallitha do next? How will she escape from the sinister castle at Hellstone Tors and the grip of the Morrow Swarm? Will she ever see Winderling Spires again?

Grand Witches, Hellstone Shroves, evil relatives, strange creatures and supernatural powers abound in the second book in Tallitha Mouldson’s exciting adventures in the strange land of Breedoor.

Find out what happens in the next instalment of The Morrow Secrets and meet some exciting new characters as Tallitha and her trusted friends’ battle to free her from the Swarm and the spell of Hellstone Tors.

My Review: Its time for Tallitha's new task. Escape and hope to see her world again. As usual its easier said than done, though it probably wouldn't be such a good story if things were easily done. 

Tallitha is wondering if she will see Winderling Spires, I guess everyone wants to be back home, evil or not. But she and new friends will have to work together to find a way back. Tallitha works hard to find out these secrets her family has. And some of them are surprising, but her strength shows through out and I loved it. 

Book two gave me more twists and grabbed my attention even more and got me rooting for Tallitha and hopefully the next book is just as good!