Oct 2, 2014


by Lily Stuart

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: I.M Books
Pub Date: Sept 2014
Genre: Mystery
Format: eBook
Source: Author 
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When Lily Stuart's mum resorts to the web for her romance - the world-wide-web - Lily resorts to her own bit of web-weaving to fend off the two candidates for replacement daddy. 

The trouble is neither are quite how they first appear to be. Meanwhile Jas is getting on Matt, Melissa is being an utter bitch, Dad and Mum still don't get it that they should be trying again and The Hitler Youth Brigade - aka school -are on Lily's case to choose what her future is going to be like. If she still has one that is... 

It's enough to turn a girl to drink. Luckily it doesn't, but it does turn Lily detective in an attempt to solve all her problems and evade the Russian roulette murderer. 

My Review: I heard Nancy Drew and I just had to give this book a try! I love Nancy Drew and when I found out there are similar things, well I dove right in and enjoyed this book. 

Lily is staring at a gun, a gun that is pointed right at her. This whole story is told in her dairy right up to this moment. So it started with Lily doing some searching when her mum has decided to go looking for love online. Then she deals with school life. Then an unsolved murder comes along. Lily goes on and tackles these things  and I;m sure she didn't expect things to get this crazy. Unless possibly about to be shot is a totally casual thing. 

The thrills and twists and turns are perfectly placed. Just keeping you interested in the story and keep going until the  last page. This book is a nice change for me. You get an idea into the lives of teens and what they go through, the way they act/talk. Its just fun and a great book to get into. I also liked the idea of putting this whole mystery in a diary, just like she was a real detective with her book and notes.

I loved the book and would read more from the author. 

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