Nov 11, 2014

Game On Guest Post

Love is a competitive sport…
Have you ever dated an athlete? Then you know how they can be. Super competitive. Focused. All about winning. It takes a certain type of girl to tame that kind of male ego, and keep it in check, especially when it filters into your love life.
In GAME ON, Hailey draws the attention of two stand-out pitchers. Her best friend, Bruce "Jilly" Gillette, who plays for the Loftus Central High baseball team, and Kurt "The Ace" Nelson who pitches for their rival, Mountain Area. Whenever the two teams play each other, things get nasty. Jilly threw at Kurt's head after he asked Hailey to the prom, and Kurt bashed in a water cooler over a blown strike call, breaking his arm.
Jilly doesn't like how Kurt always has a tendency to single Hailey out, when she's sitting in the stands to watch him play, not Kurt. There's so much bad blood between these two that things get pretty painful when Hailey does something stupid and ends up changing the course of all of their lives.

Love isn't a game, and it's not long before they all come to realize that.