Nov 21, 2014

Strigoi, The Blood Bond Guest Post

10 Things to Know About the Strigoi

While coming up with the lore of Strigoi, I borrowed from actual stories and folklore and added some stuff from my own imagination. Here are top ten things to know.

1. The Strigoi is a shapeshifter. As a shapeshifter, he or she can take on any human form, including the garments worn. Most Strigoi will remain in their own image. In human form, the Strigoi is commonly called a vampire.

2. Some Strigoi prefer to take on the form of an animal. The favorite is the wolf. This by the way unifies the connection between the vampire and werewolf, making them one and the same creature.

3. Strigoi need blood to survive. It is the infusion of iron that they crave and need to subsist. Too much iron though can be dangerous to them.

4. A mirror will reflect the true nature of the Strigoi. Whether in the form of an animal, the image of another man, or themselves appearing youthful, they will look as they should in their refection. In cases where the Strigoi is many centuries old, their appearance can be hideous, decaying, and rotting.

5. An iron stake driven into the chest and through the heart will pin the Strigoi, immobilizing them but not kill. As mentioned in #4 above, it’s the iron that does the trick.

6. They can plant false memories or erase real ones. Making someone do something against their will is another possibility.

7. Sunlight robs the Strigoi of its powers. At this time, they can be killed like a mortal, though they will return after nightfall unless killed as described in #10 below.

8. Becoming a Strigoi occurs when bitten and is transferred by infection, much like rabies or malaria is passed on.

9. An infected person becomes the living Strigoi. The living Strigoi does not age and is immune to disease, cancers, and infections. In death, he or she will return as the “undead”.

10. The only way to kill a Strigoi is by decapitation or fire. In the latter case, the creature must be totally consumed, leaving only ash.