Nov 29, 2014

The Adventures Of Mophie and Picholas

“The Adventures Of Mophie and Picholas: Book 1 - A Very Strange Trip To The Park”   

Aside from their kind of unusual names, Mophie and Picholas are pretty much your average 6 year old girl and 3 year old boy, who live in a pretty average house, in a pretty average town. But outside of their town, well nothing is pretty average at all. For example, just a hop, skip and a jump away is a wonderful place called the Kingdom of the Magic Horses. And way down the river is the Kingdom of Bongo Bongo, ruled over by the meaner than mean, crueler than cruel, rottener than rotten Queen Blunderpuss. She is very happy trying to make everyone else very unhappy, and she has a big bully of a nephew, Bobby, who helps her do just that!  

With the aid of their special friend, Sylvester (an excellent and devoted dragon if ever there was one), Mophie and Picholas go from one adventure to another, battling the Blunderpusses, as well as assorted other not-very-nice characters.  
In Book 1, evil Queen Blunderpuss and Bobby try to take a happy event like a day at the park, and turn it into a gigantic, yucky disaster for our young heroes and Mophie’s good friend, Allison. Will Mophie and Picholas be able to find a way to outwit the despicable duo? And will Dad ever resume breathing normally after discovering that his children are friends with a dragon? Come along, and let's find out!  
The Adventures of Mophie and Picholas series is intended primarily for children ages 3 to 8.    

They turned to look in the direction Mophie was pointing. And there was the answer to the mystery. Leaning against the big slide, with a sly grin on his face, was none other than Bobby Blunderpuss. Bobby was 12 years old, and the biggest bully anyone had ever known.          

And to make matters even worse, he was the nephew of evil Queen Blunderpuss, the ruler of the Kingdom of Bongo Bongo, which was located many miles down the river that ran through Mophie and Picholas’ town.    
She had super magic powers, and a lot of issues. Never a good combination. Instead of using her magic powers to help people, she used them to make people unhappy. Many times she would send her nephew Bobby to carry out her wishes. And that is exactly what happened today.  

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The Adventures of Mophie and Picholas series is the result of the collaboration of the dynamic (and thoroughly charming) father and son duo of Joseph and Anthony Pandolfi.  Joe and Anthony share a love of writing and photography, and a couple of years ago began creating poetry gift prints. Ever the adventurers, they decided to explore new horizons, and journey into the world of children's books. "A Very Strange Trip To The Park" is the result of that endeavor, and the first book of The Adventures of Mophie and Picholas series.

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