Nov 16, 2014


The Price of Promiscuity
by Balde Dubois

Book: Laura Bennett #1
Publisher: Blade Dubois
Pub Date: Aug 15 2013
Genre: Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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When 17-year-old Laura Bennett begins to explore her sexuality in unanticipated and unconventional ways, she enters into a world of brutal sexual violence, and hedonistic pleasure. She transforms from a na├»ve sexually aware young adult, into a vindictive woman filled with the burning desire to dictate her own fate and dominate men. This erotic thriller explores the deviant behavioral patterns of human sexuality as we follow Laura on her downward spiral of promiscuity. 

My Review: This was a pretty strong book. Had more twits than I thought it would and it was pretty good. Laura was hard to deal with at times during the book. You had those moments where you felt for her and then something would happen to make you not care so much. She liked to dominate the men, which I didn't mind. The only thing that bothered me was her age. 17 is somewhat young for the things going on in the book, but that's just my own thing. Plus I'm used to books with the character being at least 20-22 in these types of books. Also, I don't read much books when things are so hardcore, but its always nice to read something different. 

Any who, I thought she should finally slow her life down and settle when Mark came along. Maybe Jason will leave her mind and she won't be as crazy. However it sis not go the way I had thought and yet the book turned out pretty well. 

The scene's were hot and details were done perfectly. You meet a few characters and get an idea of why Laura is doing all this and you can get some ideas of how you think everything will turn out. When you do a twist will pop and drags you more into the book. I didn't mind reading more hardcore stuff, it turned out much better than I thought and I may try to read other similar books at some point. 

I enjoyed this book and would tell others to read it, as long as you can handle reading these adult style books.