Nov 11, 2014

The Wilds

The Wilds
by Jules Hedger

Book: Reign and Ruin #1
PublisherThis Thistle Press
Pub Date: Oct 9 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Coming home to New York in summer holidays is nothing short of torturous. Maggie's mother is officially the worst widow ever and her wayward uncle can't see past the heroin or the twisted pictures he paints. Lonely is normal and normal is becoming unbearable.

Plagued by nightmares and left behind to pick up the pieces of a fallen king, an opportunity of escape leads Cirrus to take a dangerous gamble; a gamble that snatches Maggie out of her uncle’s apartment and into a dangerous world of shifting sand and treacherous beauty.

Now Maggie must fight for a nation she never knew existed. But who can she trust when everything around her is melting like paint? Even more, the man she's fighting against is at once the captor and her savior, the villain and her friend. They could be each other's salvation or destruction, the choice is up to them 

My Review: First I love how the cover goes well with this story and the blur alone already had me, but the cover to story  is even  nicer.  

You have to pay attention to this story, but its worth the read and I enjoyed it throughout. The story itself was written nice and the characters were written well. Maggie is a good and strong character. She has this witty side of her and it just makes it easier to connect with her. 

So she goes to visit her mom, which wasn't really worth it. Her mom isnt the greatest and their relationship isn't really there. So when she is told that she can't be there, then off to her uncle's she will go. He is a painter and drug addict, but its always been a safe place for her to go. What she didn't plan on was finding out that she is an  heir. The heir to Palet, a world she never dreamed about and yet she is the only heir. 

I enjoyed  reading this story and getting to know this new world. Its worth the read and I can't wait to read the next one.

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