Dec 10, 2014

Atlantis Glacial Tides

Atlantis Glacial Tides
by Allie Burton

Book: Lost Daughters of Atlantis #5

Publisher: CreateSpace
Pub Date: Dec 4, 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon

Shocked by her family’s plans to wed her to a stranger, sixteen-year-old Princess Adria must decide whether to flee the underwater Kingdom of Merta or fight to keep her rightful place. When Kai, the criminal she’d rescued informs her of a plot to kidnap her future sister-in-law, Adria decides to take action to prove her loyalty. 

Sparks flew between her and Kai when they met during a hurricane misadventure, but she can’t trust her judgment about him. Especially when Kai won’t help her stop the kidnapping because he’s on his own secret mission. A mission that he refuses to divulge. 

In a case of mistaken identity, Adria is kidnapped and whisked away to a mysterious glacial underwater world of ice and evil where she learns that everything isn’t rainbow fish and roses, that there are Atlanteans who suffer and slave, and that being cold isn’t a state of body, but a state of mind. 

With Kai as her prison guard, the two teens grow closer, and Adria must choose between loyalty to her kingdom or her dreams. 

My Review: Princess Adria is just like any other 16 year old. You know, arranged marriage, has a throne in an underwater kingdom, yup normal teenage stuff. 

However, it didn't go so well. First off, keeping the marriage a secret is just wrong. If the parents care enough, then go and tell her. But once she did know, she was not happy at all. She wants to have true love and getting to know the person, she wants it to be her choice and on her own time. Ugh, I never liked the idea of arranged marriage at all, and Adria is young and shouldn't have to worry about such things right now. 

But right now she has to deal with stopping a kidnapping. Instead of her rescuing her in-law from being kidnapped, things didn't go so well. Adria ends up being kidnapped, and the kidnappers thought they had the in-law. So maybe they are nice kidnappers? Let Adria go because of who she is? Well, when have you heard of kidnappers being nice?

Well Adria is not having such a good day and is now a prisoner. Now she needs to get away but how? Well here comes Kai. The one she isn't sure she can trust, but here he comes and maybe he deserves a second chance. After all, she needs to get away and prove to her family that she is strong and brave. 

I so loved Adria. So much for a young person to handle and yet she is amazing through it all. Then there was Kai, I wasn't sure how it was going t work out after what happened with him and Adria. It turns out, I didn't hate him. He is a decent character.

I enjoyed this book and would read more from the author.