Dec 20, 2014

Cupertino Story

Manuscript Summary

Cupertino Story is a tale of troubled adolescents and misfits. This portrait of a lost generation traces the lives of teenagers and their experiments with vices of all kinds, struggles with family and one another, as they succumb to passivity, self destructive and often heartless nihilism. 

Stevo lives in a world of casual privilege, moral entropy and reckless abandon. The weight of his older brother’s mysterious disappearance begins to permeate through his everyday life. After writing a disturbing school essay he’s put into therapy and given anti depressants. He’s continuously entranced by a mysterious new girl at school named Holly who may or 
may not be a call girl. His best friend Drake’s repressed homosexual bent becomes more evident and violent with their drug induced adventures. The dizzying whirlwind of desperation takes Stevo through relentless parties in dot com villas, seedy bars, Santa Cruz bonfires, and also into the lesser known world of Silicon Valley after dark.


The RPMs are revving high and everything in the windshield passes by fast. No one is calling and I’ve left a few messages. I need to talk to someone. I don’t call Becca. I drive by new two-story houses in the hills from where I can see the valley below. The sun’s not yet set. I’m holding my cell, wishing I had a joint, so I park near the vineyard at the top of the hill overlooking the valley and there I smoke two cigarettes while sitting in the car, and for some reason I haven't put a CD in the deck so there’s nothing playing and the silence is making me uneasy until I focus hard on any sounds in the distance and begin to hear cars far away on streets and the hum of everything usual. I see the Chevron on Foothill, the Home Depot where Mel worked during the summer, the Jack in the Box that’s always open when nothing else is, and after seeing the liquor store that has never carded me since I was a freshman, the small shortcut streets to take to avoid street lights, the houses of the people, my cigarette burning down to the butt, and my stomach turning – I think about calling Nate or Holly but am lost with what I’d say. The sun has almost set and the clouds are turning orange and red, and this reflects on the whole valley all the way across to the Milpitas Hills and towards Oakland.

Matt Szymanowski Bio

Matt Szymanowski is a writer, film director and video producer. His films have played at dozens of international film festivals and been broadcast on television in the US and in Poland. He wrote, directed and produced the Sundance Lab finalist debut feature film The Purple Onion, named after the historic and now closed San Francisco comedy club. Matt runs a media production company called Wolves Creative. His online writings have been published by Filmmaker Magazine, Film Courage and the blog Smokebox. He has a BA in humanities from Loyola Marymount University and studied film and theater directing at the Polish National Film School in Lodz, Poland.

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