Dec 18, 2014

Eternal Vigilance

Eternal Vigilance
by Gabrielle Faust

Book: Eternal Vigilance #1
Publisher: Permuted Press
Pub Date: Sept 2014, first pub April 2009
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon

After a century of Sleep, Tynan Llywelyn has awoken to find the world he once knew utterly obliterated by a brutal war of epic proportions. In a new apocalyptic society, bitterly divided by magic and technology, the Tyst Empire has found that a hundred years of global domination is not enough to sate their thirst for power. They have discovered the secret of the vampire race and have designed a plan to seize their own sinister form of immortality with the help of an ancient vampiric god. The Phuree, a rebel uprising that has been engaged in a bloody war with the Tyst since the beginning of the new regime, have obtained the knowledge of Lord Cardone's plans and have allied themselves with the remaining Immortal clan. The powerful Phuree oracle, Nahalo, has had a vision that in Tynan alone lies the power to defeat the vampiric god and the dictatorship. Cast into the midst of a global war between magic and technology, mortals and vampires, in a new world he is still struggling to define, Tynan must make the harrowing decision to save the world he so bitterly detests or stand and watch as humanity is destroyed by a primordial evil beyond all imagining.

My Review: Another vampire book. Now we all know how I like good vampire book, and I was happy that this book gave it a new twist from what I'm used to reading with vampire books. A lot of vampire books are sounding the same, but this one surprised me. 

So Tynan went in for a nap and woke up a good century later. Now that is some beauty sleep for him. Not to mention he wakes up to a whole different world. So naturally he wants to know what happened and explore the world around him.  He ends up running into the one who made him and she tells him what has happened.

There are two groups now. Tyst and Phuree and these groups have been at war for a while now. One wants all modern things to be gone. One wants more power and has the vampires secret. There are just a number of things they are fighting about and who knows how much longer this can go on for. Tynan has to do something, and it won't be easy for him.

I enjoyed this book. It had this dark/gothic feel to it and was nicely done. Tynan had such detail and I was happy with how the author went about it. You really get to know about the character as if hes actually telling you his story. I love knowing the character well, it just makes the book more enjoyable.

I would read more from the author!