Dec 28, 2014

Gypsy Hunted

Gypsy Hunted
by Andrea Drew

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Andrea Drew
Pub Date: Oct 2014
Genre: Mystery
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Reluctant psychic Gypsy Shields—she prefers the term "intuition consultant"—finds herself in trouble when, on her way home from a blind date, she interrupts a kidnapping in progress. She attempts to intervene, and her heroics are repaid with a collision between the attacker's van and a brick wall. She awakens in the hospital, paralyzed on her left side and unable to speak. This also means she's unable to share her vital information as a witness. Fortunately, she is able to use her telepathic connection with her niece to throw a line out to a police detective she knows: Connor Reardon, her blind date.

Connor will do anything to protect Gypsy, and he listens to her claims of psychic power willingly, as he's concealing certain powers of his own. Nor are they all he's concealing. Gypsy senses a part of her new ally's mind is closed to her—what she cannot know is that Connor suspects the kidnapper is someone close to him, and the kidnapping victim holds secrets that will tear through Connor's department, putting careers and lives at risk. Including Gypsy, still in hospital and vulnerable as the attacker turns his sights on her once again.
Can Gypsy use her powers to track down the perpetrator and prevent her own murder?

My Review:  Gypsy has a strong intuition. Tonight she had a blind date, and it went well. So maybe this connection with Connor will become something more. So she is heading home while walking on air when her intuition suddenly starts up.

This intuition brings her to a kidnapping. Before she can even do anything, she got seen by the guy.  And now she is a part of the case. Connor is the one dealing with this case and together they plan to work on finding the missing lady. But with Gypsy being in the hospital things won't be too easy. Gypsy had to find a way to say what happened. She ends up using her power and its not that weird, since Connor has his own. Hopefully they can solve this quick, after all Gypsy may just be the next target! 

Quickly the pace picks up and the case gets moving. Together Gypsy and Connor are awesome and not to mention the attraction between them is just as awesome. I enjoyed how it all unfolded and the way it ended. I can see these two working on more cases together and being some kind of super couple!


Author Bio: Andrea Drew has been a commercial copy writer and resume writer for over a decade. She has one husband (more than enough), three kids, a pet rock (her daughter's, not hers), and a house in the suburbs, where she's hard at work on the second novel in the Gypsy series. Gypsy Hunted is her first fiction novel and her first suspense thriller set in her home town of Melbourne, Australia.

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