Dec 14, 2014

Hollowed Humusara

Hollowed Humusara (Primortus
Chronicles #2)
Date: 11/26/14

Summary from Goodreads:
It begins again! Skylee Porter thinks the
worst is over. She has faced her greatest fear, the monstrous black-eyed
Brinfrost and survived with the help of Chrism, her shape-shifting sister. Sky
even had the courage to finally admit her true feelings to Will.

But something has changed. The three people she trusts the most are acting
strange. Will seems distant. Her talkative sister has clammed up. Even Airon is
keeping secrets.

Soon, Sky discovers the leaders of the Primortus have plans for her. Then, to
her dismay, they threaten to take away her magical book. The Humusara, the very
thing that tethers her to the world she so desperately wants to protect. And
now, the earth is trembling again. Could there be another Day of Disaster?

Dark powers are at work. Two prophecies loom on the horizon. One declares she’s
the hope of humankind. While the other proclaims she’ll destroy us all.

Sky’s destiny awaits her…

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About the Authors

J.L. Bond
and Val Richards have much more in common than writing.  They are both Army brats, grew up in the hills
of Tennessee, attended the same college and worked the same first job. They share
an obsession for Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and have an enduring love for all
things Tolkien. Since they can’t live in Middle Earth, the call of the ocean eventually
pulled them to Florida where, together, they form the nearly fearless writing

Their debut
novel, ELEVENTH ELEMENTUM; Book 1, was released in 2012 to excellent reviews. The
second book in the trilogy, HOLLOWED HUMUSARA launched in the fall of 2014.
J.L. and Val are currently working on Plagued Primortus, the final book in the
series…when they aren’t daydreaming of joining a certain wizardy trio for a
ride in the TARDIS to Rivendell.

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