Dec 29, 2014

Lost in Manhattan

Lost in Manhattan
by Cherry-Ann Carew

Book: Stand Alone
PublisherCherry-Ann Carew
Pub Date: Nov 2014
Genre: Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Leaving Your Past Behind, Doesn't Mean The Past Will Leave You Alone 

Traipsing through life enjoying her newly found independence and new job, where she’s working towards a career as a copywriter in one of New York’s biggest magazine houses, Adelina Morassi didn’t really have much to complain about, well, apart from her love life, which stinks something chronic. 

Then she bumps into Jonah Bellamy, whom she hasn’t seen since leaving Chicago five years earlier. Seeing him again brings to mind memories of events that Adelina has no desire to relive. She hardly has time to digest seeing him, when her roommate hit her with the news that she would be moving out due to personal reasons, leaving Adelina in a quandary as to how she would pay the rent on her own. 

While she ponders her dilemma, she and Jonah revive their friendship and to her astonishment, she finds that she is attracted to him; of course, he has a girlfriend. He invites her to move into his apartment, an opportunity that is much too tempting to refuse, but trusting guys has not been easy for Adelina. 

She has to decide whether she could bear to be in close proximity to him knowing he doesn’t share the same feelings, yet, his offer will save her from leaving her job and giving up her independence.

My Review: This was a quick read, but with enough detail to make it seem like it was longer than it was. 
Adelina is going to find out that the past has a way of showing back up. Right now she is doing good in life, moving forward in the world and then she hits a bump. Her friend moves out and now she needs to figure out how she can afford things. 

So in comes Jonah...a cute guy who she just happens to be attracted to. Though he is taken and there is a past there. So either just go on and not do a thing or try to create a good friendship. So they try the friendship thing and it goes just a little differently than planed...

I enjoyed this story and I could see it becoming a full book. It gave you so much for a short book, but I loved it and would read more from this author!
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