Dec 5, 2014

Me Tarzan - You Jane Guest Post

 Living  with addiction by Camelia Miron Skiba

Existential questions have always been on my mind: why am I here? What’s the purpose of life, my life? What am I supposed to do?
Most of these questions remain so far unanswered while I grow … wiser one day at the time. But I do try to live my life in a way that it has purpose.  I take each day as a brand new chance at something to create, something to leave behind so when I’m long gone people will remember me.
Several years ago, while on yet another quest to figure out who I was, I began writing.  Doubting every word I wrote and myself a story took form. The more I wrote the more this well of creative juices rose inside me and before I knew what’s happening, I became addicted. My debut novel titled Hidden Heart was published in March of 2011. Since then three other novels spread their wings for the world to read them: A World Apart, Born In Vengeance and Born In Sin. Me Tarzan—You Jane is my latest novel out on December, 6th 2014. Several other stories are in process of being developed / edited / finished.
From an early age we learn that addictions are bad: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling—you name it. I’ve long acknowledged that writing is my addiction. But I’ll be damn if I ever try to rid myself of it. No rehabs, no treatments, no therapists or counselors would ever convince me this addiction is bad. You know why? Because unlike all other addictions writing nourishes my heart and soul. Writing gives me purpose, part of me as my very heart.


Who I was yesterday … I’m no longer today, nor will I be tomorrow. Each day I grow a little. I stumble, get up, and learn something. I wish and dream and want and look to the future.
Who I am is not important, but what I leave behind is.
Copyright © 2013 CAMELIA MIRON SKIBA

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