Dec 5, 2014

Me Tarzan - You Jane

Me Tarzan -- You Jane
by Camelia Miron Skiba

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Camelia Miron Skiba
Pub Date: Dec 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Moving on doesn’t always have to mean goodbye.

Widowed makeup artist Jane Sullivan is more comfortable keeping her husband's memory alive than dating a pool full of sharks. Ella, her 4 year-old daughter, is her whole world.

When Jane meets Lucas Oliver, famous cover model, it’s hate at first sight. His playboy persona rubs her the wrong way.

Accustomed to every woman fawning over him, Lucas is drawn to the shy, uncompromising single mom and completely melts at the sight of Ella. He is determined to convince Jane that sometimes a second chance can mend a broken heart

My Review: Jane just lost her husband. It's never an easy thing for anyone especially if you have kids. She doesn't want to dive into anything anytime soon. Instead she has her own ways of remembering her husband and taking care of Ella. 

Then walks in Lucas. A hot sexy model, the kind that every woman wants to fawn over. Not Jane though, she despises him. But why? Lucas is not used to this attention, and he actually likes it. Sure its nice having these women fawn over you, but Jane is something different. She is shy, doesn't buy his act, and her daughter is just amazing and can't help but like her to. 

So can Jane believe in a second chance? Will Lucas actually mend her broken heart or find a way to make it worse? Lucas actually surprised me when it came to Jane. I also wasn't thrilled with his playboy ways, but it changed when he really showed his true colors and cared for Jane. He showed her that he really would be there for her and Ella. That things can get better and its alright to start another life.