Dec 10, 2014

Risk and Reward

Risk and Reward
Taking chances is a way to spread your wings, expand your horizons, experience something new. The same thing can be said for trying a new author or a new book. So why take a chance on me?
ATLANTIS GLACIAL TIDES is a just released young adult, adventurous, paranormal, romance. Shocked by her surprise engagement, sixteen-year-old Princess Adria must flee her kingdom or fight for her rightful place. In a case of mistaken identity, Adria is kidnapped and whisked away to a mysterious glacial underwater world of ice and evil where she learns that everything isn’t rainbow fish and roses, that there are Atlanteans who suffer and slave, and that being cold isn’t a state of body, but a state of mind. With Kai as her prison guard, the two teens grow closer, and Adria must choose between loyalty to her kingdom or to her dreams.
Do you like magic? Do you like quests? Do you like romance? If you answered yes to any of these questions than ATLANTIS GLACIAL TIDES and the entire Lost Daughters of Atlantis series may be something you’d like to read.
Characters who make you smile and fall in love. Exotic locations with unusual twists. An underwater world ready to explore. Sword fights and ice fights. Good and evil.
Another reason to take a chance on me? ATLANTIS TWISTING TIDES, the prequel to ATLANTIS GLACIAL TIDES is free on Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, Nook and Kobo.
What’s something new you’ve tried or taken a chance on recently?
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