Dec 4, 2014

S. Copperstone Guest Post

S. Copperstone is the pen name for someone who wishes to remain somewhat anonymous. She has been writing unusual things for many, many years—everything from horror to romance, and historical fiction to speculative fiction—and hates to be pinned down to one genre. She enjoys writing and uses it mainly for stress-relief. Writing, to her, is therapeutic. She has more novels on the horizon, and after a long journey of trying the traditional route (agent/publisher), she has decided to give self-publishing a try. It wasn’t any easier. To find the audience who might enjoy her books is a challenge as most of her stories don’t fit into the usual, mainstream-types of stories. 

“The High King’s Embalmer” is a version of her first novel written at about the age of fourteen. Originally, it was an action/adventure about a pirate with about fifty percent romance between the main character and his love. Over the many years, the story morphed from the main character being a pirate into a vampire-like slave, to an alien shapeshifting, heart-eating Anubis-type character. 

Although some scenes in “The High King’s Embalmer” are rather gruesome due to the nature of ancient embalming techniques and the main character’s true nature of heart-eating, he has compassion for most humans. He has a deep-rooted devotion to the royal family, of which he is connected by blood many dynasties in the past. The likable shape-shifter who, although born on Ocana (a planet much like Earth), retained most of his alien-like abilities inherited from his father, including the alien secrets of embalming. The story mixes ancient Egypt with an apocalyptic world. Despite his circumstances, he still keeps going, never giving up. Deep within him, he seeks freedom, but isn’t certain how to achieve it (at this point). He knows the situation is complicated and involves more than just him. He understands there are thousands of his kind on Ocana waiting for a leader to rise up. He believes these things take time. In the meantime, he tries to survive and prevent the remaining royal Ocana bloodline from dying out because they are part of the key to the Kems’ freedom. The story will continue with the next novel from the point of view of Anna, the high king’s only daughter. The High King’s Embalmer can be found on

Her next release is a rewrite of a screenplay she wrote years ago about the American Revolutionary war. It’s a cute, romantic historical adventure about a widowed barmaid and a privateer, “Bittersweet Tavern.” She’s trying the traditional route first, but may self-publish in early 2015.

S. Copperstone is a native of southeastern Michigan and enjoys traveling, hand-weaving and braiding rugs, horses, and collecting fossils which she finds herself. She’s written flash fiction, short stories, novels and screenplays. Her on-going serial about centaurs in the Old West, “Two Bits,” can be found at Juke Pop She has a short story written for a contest about Edgar Allan Poe in the style of Poe in “Static Movement Print Special No. 2,” entitled “The Chest.” She has other writings scattered around and plans to add more in the future.