Dec 7, 2014

Taken with a Grain of Salt

Taken with a grain of Salt
by Aaron Galvin

Book: Stand Alone

Publisher: Aaron Galvin
Pub Date: Nov 24 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Anyone can be taken - a simple truth for Salt folk, a stark reality for innocent teens Garrett Weaver and Kellen Winstel. Kidnapped by Selkie slave catchers and dragged into the realm beneath the waves, both teens must adapt to their new surroundings if they hope to see the shore again. Yet even if they escape their captors, both will need to embrace their fears. For darker things than Selkies lurk in the Salted depths and not all of them have pure intentions for the innocent ones brought down into their watery world.

My Review: Back with another one!  It's got similar things that's in Salt, but in this book its all about Garret and Kellen. But don't worry Lenny pops up again.

These two teens are just hanging around and next thing you know they are living under the waves. Yup, the Selkie are at it again. Took those two teens and know they have to learn about where they are and why. Of course they are not thrilled and just want to make it back to shore. To do that, they need to make a plan to escape and it won't be easy. 

With this book we learn more about this world and the emotions will rise a bit more. Which just makes it more awesome. 

So Garret is in this world now and is going to learn about being a slave. Well, of course its not fun, when is being a slave ever fun. Garret has his own idea of how things are going to go and about escaping. Then there is Kellen who I think has too much hate to see clearly. He is also not found of being a slave but his hate is greater than Garret's and well just be careful, hate is a powerful thing. 

Then we have a battle of sorts going on. All the characters you meet are going to have struggles, plus the fight for freedom and see things become better. There were unexpected things that just brought me into the story more and then the ending came....lets just say there better be another book. I neeed more of this world, it was just amazing and I can more things to come with this world. 

My Rating:

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