Dec 10, 2014

The Delphi Trilogy

Journey to Delphi
by Frank D. Iannella

An astonishing adventure awaits young Damian in sixth century BCE Greece as he begins a perilous odyssey filled with betrayal, deceit and treachery. It was a time filled with contradictions turmoil and cruelty. It was also a time which laid the foundation for one of the greatest cultural flowering the world has ever seen. Great practical advances in mathematics were made, particularly in engineering and construction yet numbers seemed to have mystical and magical properties that could help the initiates of mystery schools and cults be elevated to higher levels of consciousness. Myths and legends blended with everyday life. Dionysus roamed the forest while his tomb lay in the Temple of Apollo. A golden statue of a wolf was given a place of honor in this same temple while in another city-state, a statue was found guilty of causing a man's death when he fell off his horse. The statue was sentenced to be drowned. Into this world steps Damian, trying to make sense of all his experiences and encounters while he searches for his destiny. Beautifully written and enthrallingly told, Journey to Delphi is both a profoundly personal and exciting coming of age story of a youth and a society in flux.

Destiny at Delphi
by Frank D. Iannella

Damian, former crippled slave, now the right hand to a powerful leader in the mystical city of Delphi is struggling to get by. Aloadae, his rival surreptitiously prevents him from receiving credit for his building designs. The priests have prophesied his marriage to his beloved Ariena will be childless, denying him the son he so desperately wants. Being childless, a former slave, and a cripple makes him feel inferior to the citizens of Delphi, and many agree. But, Damian's determination and spirit leads him to overcome these and many other difficult and life threatening obstacles as his destiny continues to unfold. As Damian embarks on his ambitious plan to defy the gods and defy his own destiny, he finds his fate inextricably entwined with that of the city of Delphi. At first, his ambition leads to excessive pride. Gradually, he learns that through friendship and love he can overcome even the darkest demons, and bring the most tortured of souls back to the light in this incredible brutal world. In Destiny at Delphi, his second book in his trilogy about the exciting adventures of Damian, Frank Iannella breaths life into the world of 6th century BCE Greece, conjuring up from the dusty pages of history and transforms the times into a rich detailed tapestry that will entrance readers. Young adults, fans of historical fiction, and those fascinated by the vibrant mysticism of oracles, folklore, and myths will be drawn into the world that the author has created. Readers will be captivated by Damian's amazing adventures full of twists and turns as he rises from humble beginnings to the heights of power against the colorful backdrop of friends, menacing foes, and even gods.

Journey to Redemption 
by Frank D. Iannella

A vexing prophecy. A formidable foe. An irrepressible desire and an obsession for revenge. Can prophecy be cast aside? Can lost love be regained? Find out in Journey to Redemption: Destiny Fulfilled, the last in the Delphi trilogy by Frank D. Iannella that paints an evocative portrait of the Greek city of Delphi in the early sixth century BC. Rich in rarely chronicled ancient history, as well as the mysticism, myths, and folklore of the times, this historic action novel is a spellbinding foray into everyday life long ago that is certain to captivate anyone with a curiosity for ancient history, or simply love stories that take the reader to different times and places. Journey to Redemption: Destiny Fulfilled finds Damian running dangerously afoul of the crucial knowledge that he has gained from the Oracle of Delphi. Basking in his new triumphs, Damian begins to seriously question the prophesied fate that the Oracle has foretold, and endeavors to cheat his own destiny. Though still haunted by his disturbing dream, Damian nonetheless revels in his newfound fortune. His friendship with the beautiful young athlete Phorcys deepens. He is expecting his first child with Ariena. What's more, Damian holds a prestigious position as co-coordinator of the Pythian Games, as well as being coach and trainer of the champion Phorcys. Through a series of tragic events, Damian continues to veer from his destined path in order to exact revenge on his nemesis, Scyron. He launches on a journey of self-reckoning and retribution that shakes the foundation of his very being. Can he find his way back to his rightful path? Can he regain the love that was brutally taken from him? Drawing inspiration from the ancient Delphic Oracle, Journey to Redemption: Destiny Fulfilled is a must for history lovers, or anyone intrigued by ancient cultures imbued with mysticism and magic.

My Review: Okay so I read the blurb and thought why not! Its got a bunch of stuff I already like, and well it turned out to be awesome!

You get an awesome character. Destiny. Finding your path. Ancient Greece. And a whole lot more reasons why you should pick pick these books up. 

Damien has a destiny. It involves way more than he thought, but it doesn't stop him. The myths and history will come in handy though. Though the whole math thing, I could do without. Never liked that stuff. Then the thing of drowning a statue grabbed me and the author did an amazing job writing the first book. Looks like he did very well on research and it was a good thing. After the first book I wanted to dive into the others. 

Now Damien was a well built character. He learns about himself and I thought he has a pretty good head on his shoulders. And he kept it up through all the books. Overall a very well developed character. 

Now the whole destiny thing was great right at the start. I was worried how it would be through the next books, and well the author manages to up the anti and make me enjoy the story even more! The author did an amazing job through all these books and managed to keep the pace and excitement so that I was gripping the book while reading through these pages.