Dec 21, 2014

The Lost

The Lost
by Evan Ronan

Book: Unearthed #2

Publisher: Calhoun Publishing
Pub Date: September 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Thriller writer Evan Ronan, author of The Unearthed, brings you the second edge-of-your-seat adventure in his paranormal series … 
Fourteen years ago ... Tessa and her friends played a dangerous game on an icy lake. When the ice broke, no one could save Tessa from drowning. Her death cast a pall over the lives of everyone there. 
Five years ago ... Eddie McCloskey’s brother was murdered on their last paranormal investigation. Now Eddie, who swore off ghost hunting, faces the biggest case of his life. 
Now ... Marty Kindler, heir to the local gentry, claims the whole town is haunted. Either this is the find of the century, or it’s all a hoax. Only Eddie can find the truth. 
But Eddie better hurry, because someone is trying to kill the people who were on that ice with Tessa all those years ago.

My Review: Eddie just lost a brother from the paranormal investigation. So right now he is trying to go on with his life, until a new case appears. 

Ana comes to him for help with the drowning of her sister that happened years ago. So, Eddie decides to help, and maybe doing this case will be good for him, or remind him of how he doesn't want to do cases.  So he and Ana try to figure out why these guys are having strange things happening to them. Ana just wants to find out the truth behind her sisters death, and this case is going to had these two a load of work. 

Twists, turns, and some violence later, the case starts to come together. Ana finally got the answers she needed. And I'm glad Eddie took on the case, it did him some good. Then wondering if the stuff is done by humans or something paranormal, is just something extra to keep you glued to the pages.